James Taylor – One Man Band

Album of the Week: James Taylor – One Man Band

JT and I go way back, and I’m happy to kick off the Album of the Week series with an intimate CD/DVD concert featuring James and his keys man, Larry Goldings. This set captures some of Taylor’s most iconic songs in a rare setting. The CD alone is great, but the DVD really shows what a great, personable guy James is and his emotional attachment to what he does so well. Spattered with anecdotes, this album is a testament to why James Taylor is still James Taylor; each song is crafted with purpose. “You Can Close Your Eyes” was the perfect conclusion to an incredible show, and if nothing else, pick up the MP3 version (…it’s rare I suggest buying a lossy audio file, so you know it must be good) and just listen; you’ll be back to buy the CD+DVD combo.