Aerolatte Review

Aerolatte® with StandIf one of your new year’s resolutions was to (or at least attempt to) reduce the frequency of stops at the local coffee shop, pick up a stainless steel Aerolatte frother to bring a little of the coffee house home. Sure, you can get a steaming machine/pump, but for the price of the Aerolatte, and assuming you can live without having “real” froth or the clean-up a steamer needs, the Aerolatte does the trick. The Aerolatte runs on 2 AA batteries, and with a fresh pair from a major brand, it makes a nice froth with both cold and hot milk. It also does a great job mixing hot chocolate and giving the top of the drink a little something extra. After probably 100 uses, the batteries start to loose some juice, but it still does a decent job of frothing. The version pictured is the Deluxe / Professional edition, finished in a nice satin stainless steel, and includes a useful, stylish stand. If you live near an IKEA, they have a plastic version that supposedly works nearly as well for around $6.